Workout Plans
Hello, lovelies!

   Happy Monday! 
So I know some of you have probably read article after article about how to make or start a weekly workout plan. I get it, trust me. 
It's exhausting, and most times a weekly workout just seems like a chore to me. Been there, done that. So, today I don't want to necessarily focus on a day-to-day regimen, but rather on how I've seen such a difference in my results when I do workouts that I actually look forward to doing. Workouts that work for ME.
Personally, I absolutely love doing full-body days. Plyometrics are my favorite. It sounds crazy, I know. But I really do feel so accomplished and like I've worked hard during my work out when it stems from intense interval training related moves. That being said, I'm just gonna be real here...I could not do that stuff every day. That's why mixing it up with plyo's, specific area weight training, and keeping myself in the dance studio is what I've found works best for ME.

A lot of people also want one routine, one plan that will work for every single person trying to maintain their fitness. I really believe what works and keeps one's body healthy and happy is different for each person. So, if you're going to sit down and map out some weekly plans, consider what has resulted in the most personal growth and change when it comes to your workouts. Do what works best for you. And do what you enjoy doing. If it's yoga, go out and take a class or practice by yourself at home! If it's weight lifting, join a gym; grab a girlfriend and go motivate and push each other! Whatever it is, focus on being the best and most healthy you. Don't forget to always challenge and look for new ways to improve and better yourself. And most importantly, remember to love the skin you're in. 
We would love to hear about the different ways you're staying fit that work for YOU!   
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Stay healthy babes! 

Casi is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia but currently resides in the little city of Lancaster, PA!
She has been a professional actress in the Musical Theatre field for 3 years and has loved every minute of it. 
She found a love for dance at six-years-old and her passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle stemmed from that. She loves being active becausenot only has it strengthened her awareness of treating her body well, but has given her a drive to encourage and help others do the same. She loves finding new ways in (and out of) the gym to strengthen and nurture her body while keeping it interesting and fun! She loves to incorporate her dancing roots into her workout routines, and throw in ballet technique ever so often.
When she is not hitting up the gym or spending time outdoors, she can be found performing on stage, choreographing productions, reading a novel, or hiking. Casi finds joy in meeting people and loves when she gets an opportunity to encourage them to be fit and to love the body and life they're in!