What NOT to Wear on a First Date

You may have a good idea about  what to wear on a first date , but may not realize what NOT to wear. Luckily for you I have found a few examples on what not to wear on your day/night out. When going on a date, the most important thing that your date should be focusing on is you and it is very vital that you wear something that will not take the attention away from you. Choose one feature to accentuate, but only one. Take your pick from this list and leave the rest modest. If you feel comfortable, it will definitely show.

You want your date to focus more on your face than anything else, and with a plunging neckline as well as something super short eyes are bound to wander. Stay away from from dresses like this.

Completely see-through is another distraction. Modesty is the best way to go for a 1st date. Don't walk in showing off your undies. You're better than that.

I know its tempting to rock out your cutest shoes in your closet for the first date, but if its hard to walk in or extremely uncomfortable to wear throughout the night/day, trust me its not worth it. Its better to feel comfortable and focus more on who you're with than how much in pain your feet are in.

Although there's nothing wrong with wearing something comfortable during a date, it is important to make your outfit look like you put some thought into it. Wearing something that's meant for the gym automatically makes you look like you don't care.

Of course you want to capture your dates attention, but do it with your personality and not some overly flashy outfit. 

Breege Addo Collins


Breege was born in Camden, London in and moved to America when she was 3.  She settled down with her family in Northern Virginia. She was born a creative soul and found herself intrigued by the arts, wether it was drawing, acting, or fashion. Because of her eye for design, she studied and majored in fashion at Radford University. After graduating she became the founder of her business BREEGE by Breege Collins. During her free time she likes expand her fashion collection, draw art pieces and enjoy life with her friends.