Alexandra Moss

 I remember my favorite pair of PJs growing up.  They were a Mary Kate and Ashley matching button down and pant set with oranges that I loved to wear at the same time as my little sister who I convinced to get the same pair.  I wore them so often that they eventually started falling apart and I was devastated when I grew out of them.

I’m pretty sure that was my last pair of pajamas until adulthood.  Once Middle School hit, so did sleepovers, overnight extracurriculars and class trips.  I started to wear what the other girls wore, shorts and an old tee shirt.  What was worn at night could double as gym clothes the next day.  By the time I got to college, bottoms were out in general.  If I needed to be modest I put on my fluffy pink and white polka dotted robeor men’s dress shirts (sans pants) stolen from friends, my brother, or  whoever left them unattended for too long.   
It wasn’t until Christmas of my freshman year, when my college roommate got me a navy tank top and pink and navy plaid short set, that I realized how much I loved going to bed in real pajamas.  When I would get up and see the other girls in the hall bathroom, I loved being the only one in a matching set.  I may have had bed head and drool on my face, but I felt when my PJs were together, my life was too.

Flash forward to today.  Pajamas are now one of my favorite clothing items.  Matching sets fill my drawers and my polka-dotted pink robe has been swapped for white satin one.  I’m never embarrassed to open the door on a Saturday morning because I know , even in my jammies, I’m still better dressed than whomever may be knocking.   
My collection ranges from silk nightgowns to comfy joggers and Victoria’s Secret sets to a light pink ruffled skort.  One common theme ties them together, they are never worn in public.  I love having a stash of clothes strictly for bedtime.  I love that my “‘ello Darling” top has never felt the grit and grime of NYC air.  I love that my “I need coffee” pant set has never touched the MTA Metro seats.  I’m forever grateful that my favorite nightie hasn’t been grabbed by some rando who smells like a men’s room harassing me for my number on the street.  My pajamas are as sacred as my satin wrinkle preventing pillow and will always be in my most treasured possessions.
Pajamas are such an easy luxury to make life  thousands of times better.  Don’t just take my word for it, pick out a pair and confine them to the comfort of your own home.  You’ll get the same thrill wearing your favorite outfit as you do wearing a pair of pretty PJs.  The best part is you don’t have to worry about what anyone else is going to think about them.  Street clothes are for the world to see but pajamas will always be just for you.

Oh, and that Mary Kate and Ashley sleep set with the oranges on it?  It’s been upgraded to Elizabeth and James.

Alexandra is planted in New York City which she considers to be the greatest city in the world (Paris is a close second). She had moved over thirty times by the age of twelve and has since lost count. This brought on an insane case of wanderlust for which she hopes to never find a cure.  Growing up, she was a huge Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan which led her to find a love for fashion as they grew to be designers.  She considers Audrey Hepburn to be the best dressed person of all time and often looks through pictures of her when she can't decide what to wear. She has an avid fear of getting wrinkles and avoids things that bring them like the plague.

She absolutely hates to be alone and finds any excuse to plan parties, cook for friends, or even herd children. You will often find her watching Annie (2014), crafting, convincing people to hold her hand, wearing dark lipstick, asking someone what their favorite thing about life is, or sitting with half a watermelon in her lap with a spoon. She loves to win (even in noncompetitive situations), Christmas, and to serve people in any way she can.