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July 2017 
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Alexandra Moss

Wrinkles and all thing related to aging are amonst my biggest fears so I am always on the look out for something to slow down the process. I am all about preventing now so I don't have to correct later. This lotion is so lightweight, you'd think it doesn't do much of anything but I absolutely LOVE IT! Not only is it super moisturing, but it helps with concerns like cellulite and uneven skin tone. Worth every penny.  I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the Pevonia line.

Minimergency Kit
I hate to admit it but I'm pretty much the mom in every one of my friend groups. This minimergency kit doesn't help rid me of my title but it does keep me prepared for anything that may come my way. It includes everything from deodorant and dental floss to hairspray and a needle and thread. It makes me feel like I can step in as an emergency Maid of Honor and take on the duties at the drop of a hat.

Truss Hair Care
Raise your hand if you don't love soft silky hair.
Put it down. You're lying. Truss is a Brazilian brand that was recently introdued to the United States. It has already started taking the hair care industry by storm and it's about time you jumped on the bandwagon. We did a giveaway wen we launched in April it it was a hit! I've never met a person that has tried it that hasn't loved it.
Oh, and you happen to be yellowing, try the Deluxe Prime Blonde . No one will ever suspect it isn't natural. 

I hate putting a drink in the freezer and waiting for it to cool down when I want to drink it right away.  The SpinChill is the perfect solution. It cools cans in one minutes and large bottles in three. Just stick it in ice and enjoy! I love to use it on sparkling cider (My fear of wrinkles keeps me away from wine). Seriously. Invest.      

Alexandra is planted in New York City which she considers to be the greatest city in the world (Paris is a close second). She had moved over thirty times by the age of twelve and has since lost count. This brought on an insane case of wanderlust for which she hopes to never find a cure.  Growing up, she was a huge Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan which led her to find a love for fashion as they grew to be designers.  She considers Audrey Hepburn to be the best dressed person of all time and often looks through pictures of her when she can't decide what to wear. She has an avid fear of getting wrinkles and avoids things that bring them like the plague.

She absolutely hates to be alone and finds any excuse to plan parties, cook for friends, or even herd children. You will often find her watching Annie (2014), crafting, convincing people to hold her hand, wearing dark lipstick, asking someone what their favorite thing about life is, or sitting with half a watermelon in her lap with a spoon. She loves to win (even in noncompetitive situations), Christmas, and to serve people in any way she can.