Stretching Moves
    Hello, lovelies! I hope everyone is well and ready to attack this new day!

I wanted to talk about how important stretching is after a workout and in general. I can definitely have a hard time remembering to work out any kinks and tension after a work out but  I've finally realized how much it helps reduce adding even more muscle aches and tightness!

I love doing some yoga and ballet based stretching moves to elongate my muscles. Focusing on my breathing and working on stretching certain areas is key!

Here are a few go-to moves that are great to help relieve the day after soreness and just in general to keep your muscles lean and happy!
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   Inner Thigh Stretch
In a deep squat use your elbows to gently push back your knees for a deeper stretch. 
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Back Twister 
These two back moves are wonderful for focusing on your breathing and working out any back kinks. Keep working towards pressing your bottom to your heels, so they can eventually touch. 
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   Hamstring Warmer 
This is one of my all time favorite hamstring moves. I like to start in a parallel fourth position with a  flat back reaching forward. Then, keeping the flat back and flexing the heel, move my hands to the ground. Make sure you are working through your breathing as well!
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Core Work 
I love working on my flexibility and core strength during my stretch time. 
Focus on keeping your body in a line and then, if your balance allows going even deeper into the stretch. 
Also, some slow and controlled crunches are a perfect follow up after this move!
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After stretching, don't forget to also work out your wrists and arms with some easy go-to moves!
After working out all of my muscles, I LOVE using a foam roller to cool down but also continue to work through any tension. 
Stay healthy babes! 

Casi is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia but currently resides in the little city of Lancaster, PA!
She has been a professional actress in the Musical Theatre field for 3 years and has loved every minute of it. 
She found a love for dance at six-years-old and her passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle stemmed from that. She loves being active becausenot only has it strengthened her awareness of treating her body well, but has given her a drive to encourage and help others do the same. She loves finding new ways in (and out of) the gym to strengthen and nurture her body while keeping it interesting and fun! She loves to incorporate her dancing roots into her workout routines, and throw in ballet technique ever so often.
When she is not hitting up the gym or spending time outdoors, she can be found performing on stage, choreographing productions, reading a novel, or hiking. Casi finds joy in meeting people and loves when she gets an opportunity to encourage them to be fit and to love the body and life they're in!