Shortcut to Spring
As the winter comes to an close each year, we are left with a dry, last-luster reminder of those frigid months every time we look into the mirror. With split ends and overgrown holiday bangs making you look like Cousin It, your only options are messy buns and baseball caps. Hit the reset button with these cuts that will surely spring you into warm weather.

Ashton Kaye

Bardot Bangs ​​
You know the greats by the legacy they leave behind.  This is exactly what Brigitte Bardot did with the timeless bangs she modeled in the 50s and 60s. This layered look creates a perfect natural frame to any face and a barely defined mid-part adds character and mystery to any long cut.
2 ​​
Messy Lob
Chrissy Teigen may be known for her brutal honesty about the messiest parts of her life but, isn't that why we love her?  Her messy lob serves as an attainable extension of that very concept. With the help of a texture spray and a flat iron you can fool anyone into thinking you woke up seaside (next to John Legend). 
Short and Chic
Janelle Monae embodied hair goals at the Oscars with this simple, yet incredibly chic cut. The playful texture gives it a classic look with a modern twist. Paired with a  Jennifer Behr Artemisia Crystal Crown  statement headband, the look is completely transformed with minimal effort. 
Classic Bob
Nothing says "I mean business" like a blunt bob as seen here on Rose Byrne. This cut is squeaky clean with straight lines and no room for mess. On it's own, it exudes confidence and power but with an easy ear tuck, it reveals the beauty of the beholder.