Serafina Tribeca

J enna Gladfelter

If I'm honest with myself, one of my major food groups is pizza. Because pizza is life, guys. So when I heard they were opening a Serafina in TriBeCa , I was beyond excited. 
I had actually never been to Serafina before, despite their multiple locations around the city. However, having heard nothing but great things, I knew this was my time to get in on the Serafina pizza action. I mean, even the Kardashians frequent this place, so it must be good, right?
But prior to my visit, I did a little perusing of Serafina's website to learn more about them. I was surprised to learn that the dream of these restaurants came to the owners while traumatically lost out at sea! Now, maybe I'm just late in the game here and everyone else knows about this, but I found that story pretty inspiring. Kudos to Misters Assaf and Granto for creating something wonderful out of such a harrowing experience! 
But we're here to talk about the new TriBeCa location. Allow me to break a few things down for you.
Location: Right off the Chambers Street train stop. Super convenient! This bit of information is especially good news for my friends who typically need to carry me home after I overindulge at restaurants (love you guys). 
Venue: The unique thing about the TriBeCa location is its situated in a renovated townhouse, making it a three-story pizza parlor. We fell head over heels right away. I mean, if that doesn't say swanky, what does? 
The food: Finally, amiright? The pizza is to die for. The ingredients are fresh and you can see the pies being made right before your eyes. Our favorite was the Bresaola, made of fontina cheese, mozzarella, Italian imported bresaola and baby arugula. And yes, it looks as beautiful as it sounds (see pic). 
Bottom line: If you're a Serafina rookie like I was, we highly recommend visiting. It could be the beautiful new TriBeCa location or one of their many others throughout NYC. But for those of you seasoned Serafinans, what are you waiting for? Whether you just meet your friends for after-work drinks or plan a full-fledged meal, it's worth making a visit to the new venue. We guarantee you'll fall in love with the atmosphere as much as we did. And the pizza. Always the pizza. 

Jenna was born and raised in farm-country Pennsylvania. After attending college in Virginia and grad school in Maryland, she worked her way back up the East Coast to New York City. Her first job out of school was working with adults with developmental disabilities which she found to be incredibly rewarding.. Now she finds herself advocating for the rights of senior citizens in NYC.

Inspired by books penned by strong, comedic women such as Tina Fey, Carrie Fisher, and Jenny Lawson, she hopes to one day write a book herself. Among her family and friends, she's known for her Julie Andrews obsession, leaving umbrellas everywhere, and knowing useless pieces of trivia. In her spare time, she loves to try new restaurants, binge-watch Netflix, wander through botanical gardens, and eat insane amounts of popcorn.