Oscar Wilde Restaurant and Bar

J enna Gladfelter

Themed-establishments. Life experience has taught me that you either absolutely love them or you find them cheesy and over-the-top. I, for one, flock to them. An entire amusement park dedicated to Harry Potter? Yes. That Golden Girls- themed cafe up in Washington Heights? Been there, loved that. And don't even get me started on how I missed the Stranger Things pop-up bar in D.C. earlier this year. But I digress.
When we learned about a new Victorian-themed bar coming to NoMad named after famous writer, Oscar Wilde, let's just say I was sharpening my elbows to get there. And what a magical place it was! These were a few of my favorite things:
- The atmosphere: One of the most exciting things to note is that Oscar Wilde has the longest bar in NYC - measuring at 118.5 feet! The detail that went into the furnishing of this bar is remarkable. From original wood paneling from Hope Castle in Ireland to 26 antique clocks all set to the time of Oscar Wilde's death (1:50), it's clear that a great deal of thought went into the design of this place. Check out their website to learn more about the unique decor. Oh, and be sure to be that person and get a picture of yourself with the statue of Mr. Wilde himself. 
- The drinks: They literally have a cocktail named "50 Shades of Dorian Gray." If that's not enough, their Southside Tonic was delicious (and gone much too quickly). Lastly, for the whiskey-lovers out there, they have an actual whiskey bar. Hoollaaa. You can check out their drink menu here. 
- The food: The menu isn't huge - about a half dozen each of appetizers and entree choices. Of everything I tried, my favorite was the buffalo cauliflower. The menu is made for those with a refined palate, (Alexandra raved over the Ox Tail dish). Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to try everything (those burgers must be awesome because we tried to get our hands on one for a solid hour with no success), but we definitely have some favorites. 
If you're a themed-establishment junkie like me, a literary buff, or even just want a drink; I encourage you to make a date with your friends at the newest addition to NoMad. I promise it's worth at least one visit for the experience. Take the time to gawk at the Victorian/Prohibition era setup, and do a little digging into the history of the building. Boom! There's your table topic. You're welcome. 

Jenna was born and raised in farm-country Pennsylvania. After attending college in Virginia and grad school in Maryland, she worked her way back up the East Coast to New York City. Her first job out of school was working with adults with developmental disabilities which she found to be incredibly rewarding.. Now she finds herself advocating for the rights of senior citizens in NYC.

Inspired by books penned by strong, comedic women such as Tina Fey, Carrie Fisher, and Jenny Lawson, she hopes to one day write a book herself. Among her family and friends, she's known for her Julie Andrews obsession, leaving umbrellas everywhere, and knowing useless pieces of trivia. In her spare time, she loves to try new restaurants, binge-watch Netflix, wander through botanical gardens, and eat insane amounts of popcorn.