Lower Ab Workout
Hello, lovelies!
Here's to a new week full of endless possibilities! 
This week I have a lower ab routine for you, babes! Personally, I know it's always been an area I'm always working on and wanting to improve. I hope you all like these moves and see results from them! Working different areas of your abdomen is hard to remember to do, but so worth it. I've been trying to steer clear of just doing crunches and stretching myself in new ways to work my core!
Go kill it, ladies! 
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I like to add some extra weight to this one. Really focus on your breathing and keeping your booty tight! 
      20 reps 3x 

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  2. 2
  Six Inch Scissors
​Switch legs and make sure you are working to keep your lower back glued to the floor. 
15 Reps 4x 
  1. 2
  2. 0
  Reverse crunch with ball toss off
Start at 6 inches with a workout ball in between your feet. Pass off when you get to your stomach and then stretch back out with the ball above your head. Get ready to feel the burn on this one! It also works your inner thighs and arms and is super effective! 
10 Reps 3x 
​​ Stay healthy, babes!

Casi is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia but currently resides in the little city of Lancaster, PA!
She has been a professional actress in the Musical Theatre field for 3 years and has loved every minute of it. 
She found a love for dance at six-years-old and her passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle stemmed from that. She loves being active becausenot only has it strengthened her awareness of treating her body well, but has given her a drive to encourage and help others do the same. She loves finding new ways in (and out of) the gym to strengthen and nurture her body while keeping it interesting and fun! She loves to incorporate her dancing roots into her workout routines, and throw in ballet technique ever so often.
When she is not hitting up the gym or spending time outdoors, she can be found performing on stage, choreographing productions, reading a novel, or hiking. Casi finds joy in meeting people and loves when she gets an opportunity to encourage them to be fit and to love the body and life they're in!