Jenny Osterhus

Instagram: @jennyyy_ohh
Twitter: @jennyyy_ohh

  Jenny Osterhus hails from Lynchburg, Virginia, where she has previously been a full time baker, but is now a full time mom. She loves organization, and has recently purchased a label maker that has changed her life. As the youngest of four girls, Jenny learned not to fall into the shadows of her sisters by developing a hilarious sense of humor and has an entrepreneurial spirit that rivals the Kardashians. She loves animals, specifically elephants, coffee and dancing.

She started baking as a child, and ran a small bread business with her sisters before the age of 10. Jenny started baking at a local bakery at 16, and worked there for several years. She currently spends her free time chasing after her 1 year old daughter, who recently went from crawling to running in .2 seconds. The future looks optimistic as she aspires to share her love of baking with her daughter, who's favorite toy is currently a whisk.