How to Escape a Bad First Date

  It’s best to sit through a date no matter how terrible it is but sometimes your tolerance level just can’t take another hit. Here’s are a few tips to exit gracefully (Proceed with Caution).


Have an Emergency
This is my go-to method.  I always set 3 alarms that have the same ringtone as my phone to go off half way through the date in 4-minute intervals.  If it’s going well, I turn them off after the first one, If not, I pretend there must be an emergency if someone is calling three times, and excuse myself to take the “call”.  After what seems to be an appropriate amount of time, I come back to the table, thank him for a “lovely” evening, and explain the fake situation before he has a chance to offer to come with me to do whatever it is I need to do. Variation: Ask a friend to call or text.


Get Food Poisoning

This is most believable if you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom multiple times before actually leaving.


Use Reinforcements

Have a friend crash the date.  Sneak away to the bathroom to send out an SOS and have them randomly show up wherever you are. If it’s a restaurant, have two friends come together so it isn’t obvious.


Have Other Plans​
If you can see it isn’t going well from the start, say you have obligations at a certain time. Apologize for not mentioning them earlier. 
Remember, these are last resort options if you absolutely cannot handle being in the same room as whomever you're with any longer. Use these tips sparingly, if ever. If he's overly rude, skip these and be honest, tell him you don't derserve to be treated that way, and walk out.