Sunshine and Lace is a team of Daddy's Little Girls. It's only natural we celebrate them. A few of us came together to tell our dads (and the rest of the world) why we love them.

Happy Father's Day to every wonderful dad around.


I am not one who likes to be compared to other people. However, when I am told that I am Just like my father I take that to be a priceless compliment. Dad may be loud, crazy and coffee addicted; but he is also bold, hilarious and loving. Thank you for encouraging me to be silly and kind, Dad. I am grateful to be your daughter.

Happy Father's Day to the only person in the world that I look up to.  He always inspires me to do better, be kind, give more to others than to yourself, be patient, be strong, work hard and do everything you possibly can. He has accomplished so many amazing things in life that I could never even come close to achieve. He is that type of person everyone looks at and says "How did he do that?"
He is my favorite person in the world and I'm so grateful to be his daughter.


There are so many Amazing Memories I could pick from when thinking of my dad. But one always seems to stick out above the rest-during my toddler years, I would wake up every morning before the sun even rose to sit on my fathers lap, drink juice from my bottle, and hear him read to me. He has been the biggest constant in my life. My biggest support and protector. I would not be the woman I am today without him being the best man in my life.

Happy Father's Day Dad! One of my favorite memories of my dad and I were the times we would have Daddy and daughter dates and eat Chinese food together. He was always the one to buy my new shoes or drive me to piano lessons. I love you so much Dad! Thank you for always being there and having so much patience for me.

A year ago I almost lost this man and today he is more alive than I have ever seen him. Happy Father's day to you, dad. I am so amazed at how a life can turn around and bring so much beauty and restoration with it. Truly have much to be thankful for this year.

My dad had always been my rock, my inspiration, and my greatest supporter. His strength and genuineness are truly something I aspire to possess, I feel so blessed to have him as my father. Thank you Dad and Happy Father's Day.

I got my sweet tooth from my dad when he introduced me to chocolate as an infant. When I was three, my parents tried hiding my Halloween candy from me when I started gaining too much weight from eating it. When I found it, I had to tell my secret to my best friend, my dad. I was devastated when he took it again, until he showed me how much fun we could have; no sweets involved.

So Daddy, thanks for weaning me off breast milk with chocolate milk. I'd never find the world so sweet if it hadn't been for you.

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