Circa Brewing Co.

Alexandra Moss

I avoid leaving Manhattan like the plague. I have been in multiple arguments with a friend about whether we should save $10 and travel to the Bronx to see a movie (I’ve also never lost this argument. I will gladly pay an extra $10 to stay on the island). For me to willingly leave, it takes something life changing.

I.e. Circa Brewing Company. It’s in Brooklyn and I will gladly make the trek out there (granted, it’s only two stops outside Manhattan but the idea of leaving the borough is exhausting on its own). Dramatics aside, I have never been so excited about a restaurant that I had to travel across a bridge to get to. Circa features a beer selection that Sip and Serve Me Editor, Jenna, could not get enough of. She didn’t try a single thing she didn’t like and despite being surrounded by beer drinkers (literally, everyone but me and a small child were drinking), I wasn’t uncomfortable. I’m sober, and it’s never fun to be the only one (and I’m always the only one). For a restaurant that presents an atmosphere of beer and prides itself on the quality it carries and brews, I never expected to find myself in a situation where I was perfectly content sipping water instead of wine.

Jenna can’t stop talking about the beer, but neither of us can shut up about the food. Favorites? The Choke pizza (pesto is the besto), Wood Fired Chicken, Goat’s Milk Ricotta, and Cauliflower Steak (I will never turn down cauliflower). Everything I tried was excellent (and I sampled most of the menu), but the biggest surprise was how much Jenna and I enjoyed the Crispy Grains. I typically avoid anything with the word grains in the title but this is beyond worth it.  It is definitely our favorite and Jenna and I rarely agree on favorite anything (I’m a huge veggie lover and she is exactly the opposite.)

So yes, the food is great and the beer has our resident alcohol lover’s stamp of approval, but even if you’re ridiculous and you don’t visit for those reasons, trek out there because the restaurant is stunning!  Barrels line the walls and lofty ceilings will have you coveting the space. It looks more like a wedding venue than an evening hangout. Besides that, the servers are the friendliest around and the bartenders tend to your every need.

I officially have a favorite restaurant that doesn't reign in Manhattan.
Circa, you broke me.

Alexandra is planted in New York City which she considers to be the greatest city in the world (Paris is a close second). She had moved over thirty times by the age of twelve and has since lost count. This brought on an insane case of wanderlust for which she hopes to never find a cure.  Growing up, she was a huge Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan which led her to find a love for fashion as they grew to be designers.  She considers Audrey Hepburn to be the best dressed person of all time and often looks through pictures of her when she can't decide what to wear. She has an avid fear of getting wrinkles and avoids things that bring them like the plague.

She absolutely hates to be alone and finds any excuse to plan parties, cook for friends, or even herd children. You will often find her watching Annie (2014), crafting, convincing people to hold her hand, wearing dark lipstick, asking someone what their favorite thing about life is, or sitting with half a watermelon in her lap with a spoon. She loves to win (even in noncompetitive situations), Christmas, and to serve people in any way she can.