Be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest
Summer 2017

It is wedding season which means it’s time to find the perfect outfits to wear as you check off your list of Miss’s becoming Misses. The biggest rule: Don’t wear white. Never wear white. Don’t even ask the bride if you can wear white. If the bride says you can wear white (why did you ever ask her in the first place), wear anything other than white. Other than that, save black for evening weddings and use this list as a guide!

I’ve rounded up some pieces in every budget so you can make sure you're the best dressed person at every wedding you step foot in (next to the bride of course).     

You can never go wrong wearing a dress to a wedding.  They will forever be a classic and you'll always look good with a flattering shape.  Here are a few of my favorites for this season.

Rompers are the best thing to ever happen to outdoor weddings in the blazing summer heat. Note: Don't ever wear a classic without heels. Rompers are so easily dressed up or down and flats are definitely down (literally).  If it's a romper dress, it can be acceptable.

Jumpsuits are great when you aren't feeling a dress and it's too late in the day to wear a romper.  They are great for showing off on the dance floor without having to worry about things flying too far up.  Perfect for weddings at any time of the day!

Blouses and Skirts
​​Once again, a classic!  Don't be afraid to mix and match colors, textures, and patterns.

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