A Survival Guide to Ordering on the First Date

I LOVE first dates. There’s nothing like the thrill of spending time with someone new with no expectations of where it will go all the while bubbling over with the nervousness that is inevitable. I’ve been on enough (more than I'd probably like to admit) to know the in's and out's of maneuvering through your first time spending time with a stranger one-on-one, so much so that my friends often come to me when they have a potential boy in the picture. The question I get the most? “What do I order?”
Never fear, I’ve come up with a fool-proof, first date food guide.

Alexandra Moss

Best Foods

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables
This is the quintessential date food. Poultry is the safest route because it doesn’t have an overpowering smell and it’s easy to cut. It’s easy to realize when you’re full without heavy carbs crowding your judgment and you can find it or a variation on pretty much any menu.

There is just enough cheese in risotto to keep it sticky enough to eat without fears of making a mess and it’s classy enough to show you have fine taste. 

Bite Size Pasta
Long noodles are hard to cut and put unnecessary attention on your food when you should be focusing on your date. Skip the angel hair, bite size pasta is always a win. Go for penne, gnocchi, or bowties.
Show off your chopstick skills with this one. Sushi is a perfect food because it’s easy to eat in bite size pieces and doesn’t make a mess. Go for cooked shellfish and veggie rolls to avoid the bad breath that accompanies traditional fish based rolls.

Whatever He Orders
  The best form of flattery is imitation and nothing says imitation like sharing the same meal. Please don’t order the same thing if you know you won’t like it, but a good copycat meal makes for a shared experience to talk about later and gives just enough of an “I’m into you” without being over the top. The key is how you ask for it. Let him talk first and describe it. Then be surprised as if you didn’t see it on the menu. “Oh. That sounds amazing! I’ll have one as well.” I’ve never been on a first date where I ordered the same thing and wasn’t asked out on a second date. Be warned. If you don’t think you’ll like it, don’t order it. ​
The Restaurant Specialty
  If you’re at a steak house, please order steak (and for the love of humanity don’t get it cooked well done). If you’re out for Indian, don’t you dare order French fries.  Embrace whatever culture or subculture you enter. Otherwise, you’ll look like uncultured swine.  

The greatest comfort food there ever was. Breakfast is the best go to if you’re out at a diner in the evening and breakfast dates are always fun. Pancakes and eggs are always a win but if you’re like me, you can’t go wrong with eggs benedict either.​

Worst Foods

Linguini or Spaghetti
It is not the time to show off your pasta twirling skills (or lack thereof).

  Ribs? No. Wings? Bigger no.​

Don’t be that girl. Don’t give into the stereotype. Besides, ordering a salad is the equivalent of sticking a bright yellow Post-It on your forehead that reads “Boring”.

Spicy Food
If it’s hot enough to have you reaching for water, it’s too hot for a first date.

 Garlic and Onions
For obvious reasons.

Spinach and Kale
Nothing is worse than having green bits stuck in your teeth
Crab Legs
You don’t look cute cracking them. You especially don’t look cute when part of the shell land in your date’s plate.

Alexandra is planted in New York City which she considers to be the greatest city in the world (Paris is a close second). She had moved over thirty times by the age of twelve and has since lost count. This brought on an insane case of wanderlust for which she hopes to never find a cure.  Growing up, she was a huge Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan which led her to find a love for fashion as they grew to be designers.  She considers Audrey Hepburn to be the best dressed person of all time and often looks through pictures of her when she can't decide what to wear. She has an avid fear of getting wrinkles and avoids things that bring them like the plague.

She absolutely hates to be alone and finds any excuse to plan parties, cook for friends, or even herd children. You will often find her watching Annie (2014), crafting, convincing people to hold her hand, wearing dark lipstick, asking someone what their favorite thing about life is, or sitting with half a watermelon in her lap with a spoon. She loves to win (even in noncompetitive situations), Christmas, tea parties, and to serve people in any way she can.