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Let’s be real, fitness is hard work. It takes time (that I could be using for other things) and dedication (that I don't have). No one’s head pops off their pillow at 5 am to run 12 miles, or chooses boiled cauliflower over pizza (If you do, you’re the real MVP. Teach us your ways).  

For those of us who consider the snooze button our bestie and force ourselves to eat dinner before dessert, here are a few hacks to get your fitness foot in the door. 


 Workouts on Demand 
I hate going to the gym. I would rather do laundry for a family of seven, clean horse stables, brush a lion's teeth, you name it. I love FabFitFun TV because it makes the "work" in "workout" so much easier than hightailing it across town to a treadmill. The workouts are on-demand so you never have to leave home to take a class. Oh, and did I mention the workouts are led by celebrity trainers? Whether you're into cardio, yoga, pilates, or HIIT, there's something for everyone (even if you haven't realized what it is yet). The best part is, they vary in time to cater to any schedule. There's a five minute workout for the weekday morning bad hair fiasco, a forty minute one for those rainy spring days where you can’t leave the house, and over an hour workouts for when you get addicted to the others. You're basically out of excuses so put those yoga pants to good use!


 The Fit-Bit  
Remember the women with the step-counters on their belt loop and stark white tennis shoes walking around the mall in the masses? I grew up laughing at their power walks and pedometers but they just might have been on to something. FitBits track your steps, weight, exercise, calorie and water intake. It is one of the best hacks for getting (and staying) in shape. Sitting behind a desk for 7-8 hrs a day isn't nearly as repetitive when you have a reminder to move every hour and you can set goals for your daily exercise, calorie, movement and water intake as well. It’s like having a personal workout assistant and motivator 24/7. 


Hot Shapers 
One of my favorite things is burning calories without trying. I often choose stairs over elevators, stand on the subway rather than wasting precious unburned calories on a seat or take the longest possible walk home. While these little tricks help a bit, nothing compares to the beauty of LITERALLY doing nothing to rid yourself of the closet clinchers. Hot Shapers heat up your body and cause you to burn more calories when you wear them then when you don't. They easily slip on under your clothes and are completely unnoticeable so you can pair them with pretty dresses and cute work attire. I rarely leave the house without my neoprene lined shorts on under my pants but they're so versatile, you can wear them alone as your workout gear. Shorts, tops, pants, you name it. There's no better feeling than coming home after a long day and realizing how much you sweat that day when you take off your Hot Shapers (Don't worry.  It never seeps through).  I'm telling you. Invest. You won't be sorry.