15 Reasons to Never have Kids​​​​
At some point our biological clocks start ticking faster and faster until we find ourselves fantasizing about little ones running around.  Here's 15 reasons to take out the batteries as told by a mother of 2...

Hope Fulton

You can't go to the grocery store without stopping for a free cookie... and no, It's not for you. It's never for you.
You will never pee in peace again. Your child will literally beg to sit on your lap the whole time.
Poopy in the potty is the highlight of your year...only your friends with kids will understand.
You will spend a majority of your time cleaning up nasty mysterious bodily goop...you learned early on not to ask questions.
Going shopping becomes similar to a night raid mission - Get in, get out; if you linger all hell breaks loose.
You spend the beginning years playing an extremely frustrating game of "Mad Gabs" 
"Papa Trolls...papa trolls"
"Ooh ooh I know this hmmm... you want to watch Frozen?!"
*Insert screaming and falling into a puddle on the floor - points to the dog icon on the screen*
"PAW PATROL!!!! Why didn't you just say so?"
You WILL be pooped on in public with nothing to mop it up at some point or another 50 million times.
You also get used to the smell of fecal matter and become socially unaware that you're repulsing everyone.
(Ok, so maybe you are aware. You just stop caring) 
Your friends get used to seeing your breasts quite frequently - and not in a good way.
(Just kidding. Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, people, don't send emails). 
You learn early on to lock the door...moving on... #thingsmarriedpeopledo
When it rains, it pours. I'm talking about throw up people... everywhere, in every crack.
Your heart grows 10 sizes with every baby and you realize how wrong you've been about the importance of life.
The little hand on your chest and sweet snuggles in the morning cause you to forget the meaning of "Sleeping In".
Your favorite words become "balalas" and "oapmeal" and you accidently repeat them to nonparent friends when your kids aren't around. 
You reach the end of your rope. You just can't give anymore and then you see that glisten in their eyes or a sweet kiss on the cheek and you know you have your biggest fan.

Hope is from Orlando, Fl where she lives with her husband and two kids. She is a full time storm chaser, otherwise known as a stay at home mom. She tackles the the challenges of home management while raising two beautiful girls.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel Addy Approves.