101 Summer Bucket List Ideas Axel and Ash Giveaway

As a proud Type A, I adore lists, especially if they keep me dreaming, hence my love for bucket lists. They release your mind to create and imagine beyond your wildest dreams, but before you start writing one, close your eyes and dream. Seriously, imagine anything. You know that typical, horrible, first-date question, “If you had no responsibilities and money wasn’t a problem, what would you do?” Ask it. Think of the friends and family you want to experience things with. Think of things you want to do alone. Think of places you have only seen pictures of, food you’ve never tried, and adventures you’ve only read about.

But if you can’t think of anything it’s fine because we’ve partnered with Axel and Ash to bring you a bucket list even longer than the 93 days you have to tackle it! Just take a picture of you doing something on our (extensive) list and post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and you could win one of their gorgeous bucket list journals! Don’t forget to hashtag #SLBucketlist! The more pictures you post, the more entries you have, and the more exciting your summer is!

So here you go! The Sunshine and Lace Bucket List consisting of 101 things to do this summer!

Heather Reed​

  1. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  2. Record an EP.
  3. Learn how to sew.
  4. Go on a cross country road trip.
  5. Travel outside of the country.
  6. Ride a motorcycle.
  7. Go get a massage with a friend.
  8. Go sky diving.
  9. Go bungee jumping.
  10. Join a recreational sports team.
  11. Learn how to rock climb.
  12. Learn how to do a handstand.
  13. Read an entire book series like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.
  14. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy.
  15. Visit a local winery.  Better yet go on a wine tour!
  16. Go to an open house and pretend to be interested in buying.
  17. Visit an amusement park.
  18. Have a drink in a pub in Dublin, Ireland or London, England.
  19. Write a poem/article/short story and get it published (email to us to be published on Sunshine and Lace for bonus points).
  20. Play hide-and-seek in Ikea.
  21. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  22. Catch a butterfly (and safely release it).
  23. Pay it forward.
  24. Try a new, exotic food you can’t pronounce.
  25. Enter an eating contest.
  26. Build an indoor fort.
  27. Plant seeds and watch them grow.
  28. Race remote control cars.
  29. Make friends with the wildlife- Birds, squirrels, groundhogs, you name it.
  30. Study a new language enough to have a basic conversation.
  31. Spend a day getting your life organized – planners are your friend.
  32. Have a Disney movie marathon with your girlfriends.
  33. Go fishing.
  34. Cook through 40 new recipes.
  35. Cook without a recipe.
  36. Learn every lyric to a Taylor Swift album.
  37. Go cliff-diving.
  38. Ride a carousel.
  39. Go swimming with your clothes on.
  40. Take a wine and paint class.
  41. Paint pottery, better yet take a potter class.
  42. Make homemade ice cream.
  43. Swim in the ocean.  Bonus points for snorkeling or scuba diving.
  44. Make an old fashion summer playlist on a mixed CD.
  45. Learn how to change the oil in a car.
  46. Make a photo album or scrapbook of pictures taken this summer.
  47. Go to a county fair.
  48. Go swimming at midnight.
  49. Go kayaking or canoeing.
  50. Go paddle boarding or surfing.
  51. Attend or host a murder mystery party.
  52. Visit your nation’s capital.
  53. Learn how to use photoshop to put yourself in places you’ve never been.
  54. Do a photoshoot with your best friends
  55. Learn the ‘Single Ladies’ dance.
  56. Go horseback riding.
  57. Play paintball.
  58. Play laser tag.
  59. Ride a bike through your local park.
  60. Be a tourist in your own city (even if you have to play hooky).
  61. Have a barbecue with neighbors.
  62. Have a board game night.
  63. Dance with a stranger.
  64. Learn to make macarons. Better yet, a chocolate soufflé.
  65. Have tv marathon weekend.  Like Friends, Gilmore Girls, or Pretty Little Liars.
  66. Have a yard sale.
  67. Foster a puppy.
  68. Learn to play a song on an instrument.
  69. Climb a tree.
  70. Build something from scratch.
  71. Crash a wedding. Don’t forget to bring a gift!
  72. Face a fear with your friends.
  73. Go camping in the actual wilderness.
  74. Pick flowers.
  75. Dye your hair a temporary, bold color. (Anyone feeling magenta?)
  76. Get a fish pedicure.
  77. Visit a museum.
  78. Volunteer to serve in your community
  79. Go jet skiing.
  80. Go a weekend without a cell phone, laptop, tablet or social media.
  81. Visit a zoo.
  82. Pie someone in the face.
  83. Get slimed 90’s Nickelodeon style.
  84. Build a bonfire on the beach (Bonus points for s’mores. Double bounus point for cooking a fish you caught).
  85. Give a stranger an encouraging note.
  86. Catch a bouquet at a wedding.
  87. Go strawberry or peach picking.
  88. Ride a camel or elephant.
  89. Run a 5k.
  90. Climb a water tower.
  91. Enter a sand castle building contest.
  92. Swim with dolphins.
  93. Play in the rain.
  94. Buy a stranger lunch.
  95. Order from Domino’s and ask your delivery person to sing “I’ve Got Sunshine” to you.
  96. Snag the swings on a playground.
  97. Ride a record-breaking or historic roller-coaster.
  98. Shoot Fireworks.
  99. Go exploring in a new city.
  100. Hike to the Hollywood sign.
  101. Do a peel off charcoal mask and record it.
And Go! You have until September! In the meantime, check out Axel and Ash 's collection!  You won't be dissapointed.

Don't forget to hashtag #SLBucketList  with all your adventures to win! 

Heather is a self-proclaimed grammar junkie, traveling-foodie, avid Instagrammer, photographer ( HNR Photography ), actress, singer, and all-around silly person. She loves to be outside and have deep, one-on-one conversations. She is an INFJ, and obsessed with personality tests. She has a love for launguages which led her to study Koine Greek and American Sign Language.

Growing up a Navy brat, she has been to 42 of the 50 United States and simultaneously developed a love for other cultures. She calls Charleston, SC and the Washington, D.C. area her home. She loves traveling to auditions, drinking coffee, and sharing adventures with her friends.

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