10 Ways to Beat Summer Laziness

If you’re anything like me, you typically have more time on your hands when summer rolls around.  It gets so easy to waste time because there's so much more of it.  Even if you aren't basking in extra free time, it's so easy to waste the time you do have scrolling through your newsfeed or soaking up sunrays. It's completely necessary to enjoy the current season, but there are ways to be completely productive and focused even when you just want to tan.

Here are a few helpful ideas to get your creative juices flowing and stay productive!

Heather Reed​

  1. Limit your time on social media: Summertime is great for social media stalking your friends and seeing where they are vacationing how they are spending their time. Remember that they aren’t sitting on their phones looking at their Facebook wall; they are out there spending their time outside and taking pictures of their adventures in the moment.
  2. Read: Keep your brain active by reading. Do yourself a favor and make sure it is a printed book. The less time your eyes have reading a screen, the more energized you will feel. Screens zap your energy! Read books for pleasure. Read a new genre. Read self-help books and teen romance. Goodness, grab yourself a comic book and enjoy the DC or Marvel world!
  3. Swim, hike, exercise outside: Keep your body active! Get your blood flowing so you don’t feel like sleeping until noon every day. This will also help keep your mind active and focused!
  4. Sleep: Avoid sleeping in past 10 a.m. Avoid going to bed past midnight. Get 8 hours of sleep every night and enjoy the next day. During summer, we often allow ourselves to sleep more, or later, than we normally would. Don’t let your sleep schedule go to the dumps just because it’s sunny outside.
  5. Drink water: As you stay physically and mentally active, make sure you are fueling and hydrating your body! Often we feel more exhausted because we aren’t hydrated enough.
  6. Take your work outside: Vitamin D is your friend! Take your laptop outside and do your work in a park. Give yourself a change of scenery and a change of pace.
  7. Reward yourself when you complete projects: When you complete a project or a chore, give yourself a treat. Go have a drink with a friend. Enjoy ice cream with the family. If you just cleaned out your car, or better yet, thatcloset that has your first grade art projects stuffed away, it is perfectly reasonable to take yourself to a lake for the day with your friends.
  8. Make a Summer playlist: Put together a playlist that you can enjoy listening to that will keep you productive throughout the days! Explore some different genres or even radio stations similar to artists you already like.
  9. Write out your schedule: This might be the most helpful thing for me. Writing out what I need to get done that day and crossing them off as I complete them. There is a real sense of accomplishment that follows every check mark. There are days where I have so many things to do that I schedule them by the hour.
  10. Remember to give yourself days off! Being too productive causes burn-out and it's a sure way to ruin your summer!
 It's so easy to waste these precious summer months and even easier to get distracted by the fun summer holds! Don’t let the excitement diminish your productivity, but find the balance of having fun and being in the sun. There is so little time when the warm sun surrounds you and your friends and family are available. Enjoy the summer and stay productive! 

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Heather is a self-proclaimed grammar junkie, traveling-foodie, avid Instagrammer, photographer ( HNR Photography ), actress, singer, and all-around silly person. She loves to be outside and have deep, one-on-one conversations. She is an INFJ, and obsessed with personality tests. She has a love for launguages which led her to study Koine Greek and American Sign Language.

Growing up a Navy brat, she has been to 42 of the 50 United States and simultaneously developed a love for other cultures. She calls Charleston, SC and the Washington, D.C. area her home. She loves traveling to auditions, drinking coffee, and sharing adventures with her friends.

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